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We charge by the hour or by the project.  Generally, with first time clients, we provide a fixed fee if there is a reasonably well-defined scope of work.  Please call for a quote at (678) 358-5348.


Here are some recent examples: 


  • We charged a start-up $2,500 in connection with a $100,000 financing from investors. 


  • We charged another start-up $3,000 for a very complex, customized operating agreement, with two classes of shares to preserve founder's voting rights, a mechanism to issue profits interests to employees and consultants and various other provisions. 


  • We charged selling shareolders $2,500 for representing them in connection with the sale of a business with a purchase price of about $200,000.


  • In a multi-monthed project, where the selling shareholders obtained over $3,000,000 of consideration, we charged about $25,000.


  • We advised a medical professional in connection with his admission into a professional corporation, including reviewing and revising the stock purchase agreement and shareholder agreement, for $1,200. 


  • We drafted a complex will for $1,000. 


  • We advised a promoter who raised capital from investors in a private offering to buy real estate and prepared his operating agreement and commented upon his offering documents; the fee was approximately $3,500.


  • We advised a promotor and prepared an operating agreement for the promotor and a foreign investor for $2,500.


  • We created a single member LLC with specialized articles of organization for $500.


  • We provide general counsel services for a large medical practice.  General counsel services incude managing vendor disputes, employment agreements, employee and professional departure, corporate legal issues, condominium association issues, and general issues applicable to a large medical practice (e.g., HIPAA, family medical leave act).  Call about the pricing of general cousnel services.


Contingency Fee Basis.  Some work we perform on a contingency basis.  For example, we will represent a plaintiff with a quality and bone fide personal injury claim on a 1/3rd contingency basis.  


Alternative Fee Basis.  For new companies in search of counsel, under the right circumstances, we will also work on a part cash, part share or stock option basis. 


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